Sunday, July 10, 2011

Born to be Wild!

My whole life, as I would meet new people, they would compliment me on my name saying “Your name is so pretty” or “You’re name is different, it’s like Michelle but with an N”. At first when I was younger, I used to hate my name because it was different, I wanted my name to be Michelle. Now that I’m older I can appreciate my name and how unique it is, but as a young girl I didn’t want to be unique, I wanted to be like everyone else (didn’t we all lol).
Interesting fact: When I was born, my mom actually had a few other names picked out for me. She had: Scarlett, Christina, and Shelby. But one night she was watching Star Trek, and she noticed the credits, Lt. Uhura played by the beautiful actress Nichelle Nichols. She loved the name and went with it.
So that morning, (idk the exact time, and mother hasn’t a clue either) at Detroits Hutzel Hospital, Nichelle Marie Parham was born.
And blah blah blah, fast forward to now…
I love my name and wouldn’t change it for anything other name in the world lol. My grandmother’s name is Michelle and my aunts name is Michelle also. My aunt Michelle is actually the one who bought me this shirt from her trip to New York. I did a little cutting and made it into a cute off the shoulder crop top.
Never been to New York, but its on my list
But going back to my name… A lot of times when I would introduce myself to people, it’s like they always ask again as if I said it wrong. The conversation would go something like:
-“Hi my name is Lynda”
“Nice to meet you, I’m Nichelle”
They would pause “…Michelle?”
“It’s NICHELLE, not Michelle”
Another pause “…oh,ok…what a pretty name”
I can’t believe I just did a whole post on my name, :-/, anyways Happy Sunday luvs!

Thanks to my lovely mother for taking the pictures of me :-)


  1. Great post, Nichelle!
    My name isn't particularly unique, but when I was younger, everyone would say it wrong. They'd call me Elaine, or Irene, or Eeeleen, etc., and I was a really shy kid so I never spoke up and just wished that they could get it right lol.
    It's cool that your name is different though. I personally make mental notes of different/cool names, so yours will always stand out to me!
    Great outfit btw, I love with you did with that shirt! It's just as cute (if not cuter!) as the cropped tees hitting stores recently (:

  2. thanks lol :-)
    I remember when I was younger some people would call me Michelle and i would never correct them because i would secretly wish it was my real name lol
    I was so lame lol
    Yea I was trying to mimick all the crop tees I see at F21 and Love Culture

  3. As a fellow Nichelle, I read this post and kept saying "OMG, YES!" and, "Finally, someone feels my pain" lol. Then of course after, I had to go back and take mental pictures of the ensemble. Love it!!! (can't wait to keep up with you here and on twitter)

  4. Love the crop top, in fact all your makes are just gorgeous - you're very talented. As a child I wanted a 'normal' name too, I didn't know any other 'Bridgit's now I love having a more unusual name, altho everyone always spells it wrong! Are you sure you're not from the UK? I thought only us Brits called everyone luvs LOL! x


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